I designed this book, which won first place in the 2009 Publishers Association of the West Book Design Awards recognizing superior design and outstanding production quality. For more awards, please see the About page.

Typesetting for College and University Presses

Formatting text is my specialty and I’m very good at it. A particularly interesting project with Hillsdale College was one volume with more than 2600 pages. The project manager had this to say to me:

“Our copy editor and I have looked through the PDF and came away very impressed with your work. You have done a very good job of laying out the text as economically as possible, given the complexity of the material.”

Please contact me to discuss your book design project needs.

Irresistible Book Design for Self-Publishers

Learn why you would want a PDF file or an ePUB file in this 3 1/2 minute demonstration.

You’ve spent countless hours perfecting your manuscript. Let the rest of the book publishing process be easy, and know that I won’t take a cut of your book sales. You keep all the profits, you retain the rights to your book, and you are the publisher.

I’m Jennifer Omner, owner of ALL Publications and an award-winning book designer, helping writers become published authors. After your book has been professionally edited, I offer the following services.

  • Interior book design: making the pages of your book look pleasing to read and formatting the file correctly for offset printing presses or print on demand (POD). I follow the rules in The Chicago Manual of Style to ensure a quality, professional product. Interior page design and typesetting is my specialty.
  • Cover design: making your book cover shine above the competition so it’s the one purchased. Take advantage of my marketing background here.
  • E-book design: creating Kindle and ePub files so your book can be read on Kindles, iPads, Nooks, and other e-readers. This service is only available when I’ve designed the print book first.
  • Book publishing numbers: helping you obtain the appropriate numbers for your book including ISBN, bar code, and Library of Congress Control Number. Please visit my Resources page and see the links under Book Publishing Numbers.
  • Book printing: ensuring the files of your book comply with printer’s specifications and meet prepress standards. Matching your specific book with a compatible, quality book printer and coordinating the process through delivery to you. Or recommending sources if your print run is under 500 books. If you are planning to use CreateSpace, Lightning Source, or IngramSpark, I know their file specifications.
  • POD account set up: offering my book design clients account set up on CreateSpace, Lightning Source, and IngramSpark.
  • Marketing material for authors: designing business cards, bookmarks, and postcards to promote your book.
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Please take a look around my site and contact me regarding your project. I look forward to hearing from you!


In less than 3 minutes you can learn about the mysterious world of interior page design for printed books.

Click here to view books I’ve designed: covers, interior pages, e-books, or all. Great books, great clients!

Current Book Tip

One of my recent projects was a children’s book: The Diary of Snap Wolf’s Journey to Find a Mate by Morris R. Pike. I learned that having the word “Diary” in the title can be an issue. When I submitted the application to obtain the Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN), it was rejected with this message: “Expendable educational materials such as laboratory manuals, teacher’s manuals, programmed instruction test sheets, workbooks, dairies, etc., are ineligible for this program. Therefore, we are unable to preassign a control number to this title.”

I petitioned the ruling since it was clearly rejected based on the title alone. It was reviewed and assigned a number. (While a LCCN is not required, this is something to be aware of when titling your book.)

Interestingly, when I designed Sally Jo Survives Sixth Grade: A Journal by Karen Keltz in 2013 there was no issue obtaining a LCCN.

Award-winning Book Designer Available to Design Your Book

I designed the interior and co-created the cover design of Michael Hagedorn’s Post-Dated: The Schooling of an Irreverent Bonsai Monk. The book won first place in the 2009 Publishers Association of the West Book Design Awards recognizing superior design and outstanding production quality. For more awards, please see the About page.

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